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Floratam St. Augustine grass is a warm-season turfgrass that spreads laterally by stolons and is one of the most widely planted turfgrass species in Texas, particularly in urban environments. This is due to its superior shade tolerance relative to other warm-season grasses, as well as its deep rooting potential and drought tolerance.

Grass is available for pick up at our office, or for delivery.
* Please select your preference to the left, and let us know the pickup date and time, OR the Delivery date and address.

* We will not cut your grass unless there is a specified pick up date on your order form. 

You may pick up Monday-Friday between 9:00 am - noon and 1:00pm -4:00pm.

* For Grass orders, delivery price is NOT included. We will contact you after your order is complete to schedule delivery and to collect payment on freight costs.

* Due to the weight of each pallet we recommend you use a 3/4 ton pick up truck or bigger to pick up full pallets and a 1/2 ton pick up truck for half pallets.
*If you would like your full pallet cut into halves, please leave that in the notes section so we can cut it accordingly. 

Floratam grass can be purchased in these sizes:

Pallet (450 square feet)
Half Pallet (225 square feet)
Or by the Piece (16x24 inches)
* There is a minimum of 10 pieces per order when purchasing pieces.

Add our Starter Fertilizer to your order with the link below! This can be included with your delivery or picked up at our office!

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